Green Lady Video Review: FlavRX Keycart Battery

“Hey this is Deon from the Green Lady Shoppe in Olympia Washington, and today we have the full line of FlavRX products to review, but today we’re gonna focus on the FlavRX key box battery.

The first feature I want to point out about this battery is the built in charger, so it’s one less piece you have to worry about. It hosts a standard USB port, and it tucks right into the side.

The second feature I’m going to show you is with FlavRX cartridges. What’s really great is that one of the challenges we’ve seen from classic pen style batteries is a weakness between
the connection between the cartridge and the battery, and when you connect the two and you want to travel with it, you can just press a button and tuck it right in. This makes it very
pocket friendly.

The FlavRX battery uses the standard 5/10 threading which will fit any cartridge you find on the market. 5 clicks turns it on 1-2-3-4-5… and it hits like a dream!

Stop by the Green Lady Shoppe to check out the full line of FlavRX products: We have the bath-baums, capsules, cartridges (in many flavors), salves, tinctures, trans-dermal patches, roll-ons, and sunscreen.”

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