Featured Product: Green Lady Carbon Filtered Glass

They’re back!

Green Lady Shoppe and Scientific Inhalations bring you coconut carbon and organic cotton-filtered chillums, steam rollers, downstems and water pipe adapters! 

These specialty pieces filter out pesticide & fertilizer residue as well as carcinogens & tars from smoke. This dramatically reduces harshness and creates the smoothest hits possible.

First, your inhalation passes through 100% Virgin Activated Coconut Carbon. ACC is processed in a way that millions of microscopic cavities are created. It undergoes a 2,000° steam activation process that creates millions of pores on the surface of the carbon and increases the total surface area to capture what you don’t want in your lungs; impurities, chemicals and tars.

Your inhalation then passes through certified 100% Organic Cotton, which traps and filters out deadly pesticides and gives you a smoother inhalation. The use of Organic Cotton is very important as “conventional cotton is treated with synthetically produced chemicals”. To fully benefit you should only use Organic Cotton to filter your products.

Filtered options start at just $16! Come in to see the full selection

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