ODO Vendor Days: 30% Off Full Line

Come into Green Lady for Vendor Days and stock up on all their products for the holiday season! Meets the makers in person at all the Green Lady Locations.

Eastside Oly: Friday 12/8 from 1-3pm
Westside Oly: Friday 12/8 from 3-6pm
Lynnwood: Saturday 12/9 from 1-3pm

Here’s what ODO has to say about their products and methods:

The versatility of CO2 extraction allows us to create a variety of different products, all with their own specific profiles and textures.


Glass-like consistency to the touch with wonderful clarity. Phytocannabinoid dominant with a soft, palatable flavor without a lung expanding hit. Our flagship for purity and potency.


Full yield crystallized structure, with a robust flavor and solid consistency. By utilizing a proprietary cold separation, we have retained full flavor while crafting a stabilized extract.

Full Spectrum Icing (Slow Cured)

Our “slow and low” curing method minimizes the degredation associated with heat, allowing us to lock in full terpene profiles. This oil is a great combination of satisfying flavor and potency.

High Profile Oil

Selectively extracted for a full terpene profile. With a golden, clarified consistency, this oil retains the true profile that the strain produces. This saucy oil comes in a .5g refillable glass and stainless steel vape cartridge with a ceramic heating coil and an adjustable air intake. Also availible in .5g and 1g refill syringes.

Snap n’ Pull (Slow Cured)

Fully cured and tempered, our Snap n’ Pull is pliable yet stable, great for handling on the go or for mixing with your favorite flowers, with an excellent cannabinoid content.


The industry mainstay of CO2 extractions. A clarified, uniform wax with a delightful aroma and respectable potency, at an economical price point.


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