Bioavailable CBD

When it comes to bioavailability – how well your body makes use of a substance – there are two important considerations: particles size and water solubility. Therefore, we designed our encapsulated CBD to be water-soluble, and to have a particle size of less that 10 microns – smaller than a human white blood cell.

From the moment our micro-encapsulated CBD hits your tongue, enzymes start breaking it down and transporting it to your blood. You’ll start to notice the effects of our products within just a few minutes.

Typical CBD

When you consume typical CBD, the digestion can’t begin until the small intestines. This is because CBD has poor gastrointestinal absorption, and is not bioavailable. In other words, your body must first make CBD water-soluble before it can be digested.

It is only after the body makes the CBD water-soluble that is can be transported to the intestines where enzymes begin to break things down. The poor bioavailability of other CBD products means that up to 90% of the CBD passes through your body unused.

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